Welcome to The Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. – The Original

This is the Official Website of The Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. (GBI) – The Original, incorporated on December 10, 1984 with SEC Reg. No. 123899.

What began in 1976 as a group of Philippine Constabulary soldiers, the “Dirty Dozen,” became the “Diablo Squad” then “Diablo Squads, Crime Buster” and finally in 1984, the “Guardians Brotherhood, Inc.“.

From the time the name “GUARDIANS” was first adopted in 1984, we loyally supported the Philippine government and its flag, equipped by the Six Guiding Principles of Brotherhood, Justice, Peace, Discipline, Service and Equality.

Initially, our General Membership was mainly from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Integrated National Police (Now Philippine National Police), with some selected civilian professionals. Shortly after the famous EDSA Revolution in 1986, almost 50% of the entire military and police personnel were GBI members. In the process, however, for one reason or another, the Association was fragmented into different factions when internal squabbles transpired among some leaders. Despite this, the surviving principled original framers and incorporators of the GBI remained steadfast by perpetuating the GBI-The Original and its advocacies.

Today, most of our members are selected civilians with excellent reputations in their respective fields and communities. The values and ideals sowed by the founding leaders of the GBI are carried on by the GBI-The Original. We serve with pride for the general membership and their respective communities, hoisting the Six Guiding Principles mentioned above.

We hope you will find this Site informative and useful. Thank you for visiting the GBI-The Original Website.


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